Two sundays without you (part II)




我已经选择了我朋友的的干净整洁,但铝青铜eit very small Fiat over my husband’s “hard to get into”, “hard to get out of” Land Rover that has no music, no air-condition and is always filled with dogs, vegetables and numerous kids. On sunny days like this one it’s a fantasy world of dog hair and dust flying through the air, perfectly backlit and almost pretty. Almost. We were comfortably trailing the Land Rover on what promised to be a spectacularly beautiful Sunday, following a week of less spectacular, rainy days. Hudson and Mia had opted to stay at home but the rest of us were in for a long-awaited treat. We were headed for the “Château of Women” an indescribably beautiful wine-making property that has been run by women of the same family for over 500 years. This deserves and explanation.





一世n 1581 a man with big dreams and an even bigger appetite for gambling laid out the plans for a magnificent château in Médoc. It all started well, the outhouses and servants quarters were fit for kings, the gardens, the gate. Then the money ran out and the cherry on top, the château itself never got built. So the women in the family, like women do, found the best solution, modified the servants quarters into a most beautiful château and have been running the property ever since, one woman succeeding another. I guess they decided that after that original fiasco, no gamblers (read men) should interfere with château business.





So why where we going there in search of a feast on a beautiful Sunday morning? That also deserves an explanation. Some years ago we were invited for lunch at châteauLafon-Rochet在圣Estèphe产称谓的特级。一世t’s the “yellow château” we had been seeing for years as we drove by on our way to Pauillac and it turned out that the young manager, Basile Tesseron, whose family owns the château was married to another young estate manager, Bérangère, whose family ownschâteau Larrivaux, the “château of women”. On that first visit the splendors of Lafon-Rochet were enough for our appetites but on a subsequent visit Basile took us to his wife’s property, only a 5 minutes drive away. Unlike Lafon-Rochet, which is proudly perched on one of the hills of St-Estèphe, plain for all who drive by to see (if only for the yellow color),château Larrivauxis a hidden gem, a bend in the road, a dreamy place hidden from plain sight, guarded by a small forest. When Basile took us there for the first time we could see the excitement in his face, it feel to him to show us the property, Bérangère was hard at work in the winery.






他两次,坠入了爱河一世guess I fell in love as well, once at least. It the kind of place movie producers only dream of or, more likely, have to dream up and produce for their movies so the rest of us can simply dream. We always hope that these magical places exist for real, that they’re not only in the movies – and when we find them…


But we decided to give it a go, before we’d be too caught up in baby duties, to have a wonderful feast of two families coming together on a Sunday in their beloved Médoc.

And we all do love Médoc. Basile and Bérangère, me and Oddur, we all truly believe in this region, its beauty, its specialness. We all want to do something exciting here, whether it is to make fabulous wine, write cookbooks, or do just about anything to help people discover this place. But first: Lunch!

The menu was up to Bérangère and the other women of Larrivaux, her mother Sabine and her mother’s sister Armelle. I did make one request though. We needed to include Basile’s grandmother’s recipe for pancake cake. Yes you read right –gâteau de crêpes。我们会在拉芳时,罗切特在五月晚餐最近有它,我一直无法自停止关于它的思考。这是最简单的,最不寻常的甜点,你可以想像。





有很多花絮,肉酱,番茄沙拉,番茄多沙拉但当Bérangère的母亲拿出家里的奶酪也都得到了严肃beignets(fritters). They were delicious. Next was the “veal bread” in other words meatloaf, with two types of tomato sauce – very Italian, but somehow also very Médocain. We started with a lovely Champagne form a very small producer (so many good ones these days), no sugar added, no sugar needed. Then we moved on to the wine. The Larrivaux. It’s quite special and unusual for Médoc, more Merlot than Cabernet Sauvignon which usually only happens on the right bank (St-Emilion, Pomerol). Château Larrivaux has a unique clay soil, more suited for growing Merlot and may be the only place in Médoc where that’s the case. It’s a delicious wine and I’ll be drinking it for years to come with fond memories in my heart.







As I am writing this, they are both born, there will be no more lunches without them. I hope they will be friends, Lucian and Till. We’ll have many more feasts together and maybe even weddings. Who knows?

Because Bérangère and Basile only have sons it seems that the line of women is destined to be broken one day. Larrivaux will be run by a man. In a way it seems oddly modern, breaking traditions by finally giving a man a chance. Bérangère told me she hopes that her sons will have the good fortune when they take over the château to at least have strong wifes to guide them. I suppose some things are just too important to be left entirely to men. Maybe one of them will even be my daughter.

Time will tell.








从我的祖母奶酪油条/ Beignets

1/4 liter/ 1 cup of water
为40g / 3汤匙黄油
150 g/ 1 & ¼ cup flour
为100g / 1杯磨碎的奶酪(艾蒙达县或类型)
Vegetable oil, for frying

Add the egg yolks one by one, stirring continuously, then fold in the egg whites, followed by the grated cheese.

Heat the oil in a deep fryer to 170°C/ 330°F.
Using 2 teaspoons, shape little balls (about the size of a walnut) and fry them until golden brown. Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Beignets AU清爽去马盛大仅仅是

1/4 de litre d’eau
1pincéede Sel酒店
150 gr de farine
100 gr de fromage rapé ( type comté ou emmental )

Ajouter la farine.
Ajouter un à un les jaunes d’oeufs puis les blancs battus en neige, puis le fromage râpé.

Chauffer l’huile d’une friteuse à 170°C
马戏团A L'助手德2 PETITEScuillèresDES塔斯德·佩特à贝奈特饼和les plonger丹斯拉friteusejusqu'àL'获得方法D'UNE美女着色DOREE。

CES beignets AU清爽ONT vraiment BERCE周一ENFANCEàLARRIVAUX,知性EN avions TOUS LES一周结束!



1.2 kg/ 2 & ¾ pound of minced veal
3 slices of stale bread
的番茄酱(浓缩物)1个小罐/ 140克/5盎司
1 bunch of fresh basil
Fleur de sel and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 210°C/ 410°F.

Add the basil and the egg, pulse a few more times.

用汤匙把混合物倒入锅和一个矩形蛋糕transfer to the preheated oven. Cook for about 40 minutes. Set aside to cool and unmold into a serving plate.

Tip: You can serve this veal meatloaf with a tomato sauce or freshly diced tomatoes and olive oil. It’s a family favourite for picnics.

Pain de veau au basilic

1,2 kg de veau haché
1 BOITE德潜心德TOMATE德taille moyenne /140克
SEL / poivre
1 OEUF entier
huile d’olive

Mélanger et mixer le veau haché, le concentré de tomate, le pain de mie, sel poivre et huile d’olive.
Ajouter le bouquet de basilic et l’oeuf entier.
Mixer à nouveau.

Dans un plat à cake mettre la préparation, puis faire cuire environ 40 minutes à 210°C.

在peut乐SERVIR AVEC未coulis日欧番茄面包联合国concassé德FRAICHES番茄面包等HUILE D'橄榄。

Quel bonheur de partager ce pain de veau au basilic lors de nos pique-niques!



1/2 liter/ 2 cups milk
125克/ 2/3杯糖
6 eggs, separated
1 sachet (7 g/ approx 1 teaspoon) of vanilla sugar
Confectionner’s sugar

一世n a large bowl, mix together the flour and the egg yolks until you get smooth paste.
Heat the milk in a saucepan and add the butter. Stir until melted. Set aside and leave to cool.
Pour the milk mixture into the egg and flour paste. Whisk until smooth.
在另一个碗里,蛋清,直到僵硬。在面糊折 - 请务必留下蛋清“肿块”的面糊(他们会做出煎饼额外的蓬松)。

加热煎锅(不粘煎饼锅)和我lt ½ teaspoon butter. Pour enough batter to cover the pan and cook on a medium heat on one side only. Transfer to a serving plate. Sprinkle each pancake with a dash of vanilla sugar and a dash of confectionner’s sugar. Repeat this step and continue to stack them one on top of each other. For the last pancake, place it brown side on top.

Gâteau de crêpes

1/2 litre de lait
Du sucre en poudre

Mélanger拉farine和les jaunes D'OEUF
Faire fondre le beurre dans le lait.
Laisser tiédir le lait et l’incorporer au mélange farine oeuf.
Battre Les Blancs酒店设有NEIGE等莱incorporergrossièrement点菜佩特。
一世l doit rester des grumeaux de blancs en neige dans la pâte.
Enduire拉poêle绉德UN混杂Beurre黄油/ HUILE等commencerà放任LES煎饼EN莱faisant cuire阙德联合国瑟科特。
每个槽口叠加器煎饼莱UNES河畔其他残疾EN莱saupoudrant恩特雷里奥斯chacune德混杂苏克雷香草/苏克雷EN POUDRE。
Retourner la dernière crêpe coté cuit vers le gâteau.