我已经选择了我朋友的的干净整洁,但铝青铜eit very small Fiat over my husband’s “hard to get into”, “hard to get out of” Land Rover that has no music, no air-condition and is always filled with dogs, vegetables and numerous kids. On sunny days like this one it’s a fantasy world of dog hair and dust flying through the air, perfectly backlit and almost pretty. Almost. We were comfortably trailing the Land Rover on what promised to be a spectacularly beautiful Sunday, following a week of less spectacular, rainy days. Hudson and Mia had opted to stay at home but the rest of us were in for a long-awaited treat. We were headed for the “Château of Women” an indescribably beautiful wine-making property that has been run by women of the same family for over 500 years. This deserves and explanation.





In 1581 a man with big dreams and an even bigger appetite for gambling laid out the plans for a magnificent château in Médoc. It all started well, the outhouses and servants quarters were fit for kings, the gardens, the gate. Then the money ran out and the cherry on top, the château itself never got built. So the women in the family, like women do, found the best solution, modified the servants quarters into a most beautiful château and have been running the property ever since, one woman succeeding another. I guess they decided that after that original fiasco, no gamblers (read men) should interfere with château business.





那么,为什么我们在寻找一个盛宴去那里一个美丽的星期天的早晨?这也应该有自己的解释。若干年前,我们被邀请吃午饭的城堡Lafon-Rochet, a grand cru in the St-Estèphe appellation. It’s the “yellow château” we had been seeing for years as we drove by on our way to Pauillac and it turned out that the young manager, Basile Tesseron, whose family owns the château was married to another young estate manager, Bérangère, whose family owns城堡Larrivaux, the “château of women”. On that first visit the splendors of Lafon-Rochet were enough for our appetites but on a subsequent visit Basile took us to his wife’s property, only a 5 minutes drive away. Unlike Lafon-Rochet, which is proudly perched on one of the hills of St-Estèphe, plain for all who drive by to see (if only for the yellow color),城堡Larrivauxis a hidden gem, a bend in the road, a dreamy place hidden from plain sight, guarded by a small forest. When Basile took us there for the first time we could see the excitement in his face, it feel to him to show us the property, Bérangère was hard at work in the winery.





“I fell in love with my wife twice” he said. “First when I met her and the second time was when she took me here”. “I had spent much of my childhood only a few miles away but I never knew of this magical place until I fell in love with its owner”.

他爱上了两次,我想我爱上了为好,至少一次。它的那种地方电影制作人梦寐以求的,或者更可能的是,有梦想,并产生对他们的电影使我们其余的人可以简单的梦想。我们总是希望为真正存在这些神奇的地方,他们只有在电影不是 - 当我们发现他们...


But we decided to give it a go, before we’d be too caught up in baby duties, to have a wonderful feast of two families coming together on a Sunday in their beloved Médoc.


菜单达Bérangère和Larrivaux的其他女人,她的母亲萨宾和她母亲的妹妹阿米尔。我没有做一个请求,但。我们需要包括巴西莱的祖母对煎饼蛋糕食谱。是的,你没有看错 -德奶油蛋糕煎饼。我们会在拉芳时,罗切特在五月晚餐最近有它,我一直无法自停止关于它的思考。这是最简单的,最不寻常的甜点,你可以想像。





有很多花絮,肉酱,番茄沙拉,番茄多沙拉但当Bérangère的母亲拿出家里的奶酪也都得到了严肃beignets(油条)。它们很美味。接下来是“牛肉饼”换句话说肉饼,有两种类型的番茄酱 - 很中意,但不知何故,也很Médocain。我们开始与一个可爱的香槟形成一个非常小的生产商(这么多好的这些天),不加糖,不加糖的需要。然后我们转移到了酒。该Larrivaux。这是相当特殊的,不寻常的梅多克,比赤霞珠通常只发生在右岸(圣艾美浓,波美侯)更多的梅洛。城堡Larrivaux具有独特的粘土,更适于生长的梅洛并可能梅多克唯一的地方,是这种情况。这是一个美味的葡萄酒,我会喝这几年来,在我的心脏美好的回忆。

另一个同样完美的星期日perfect mishaps, on this dry day Louise stepped into a wet hole (the only one on the estate) leaving her ballerinas fit for a pig stie. Oddur, typically, forgot to charge his battery so he sent Thorir and Allegra to get a fresh one. They, equally typically, couldn’t find their way back so we would have had to wait for them until lunch got cold if, most typically of all, lunch hadn’t been so behind schedule that they arrived right on time.





As I mentioned earlier we were both pregnant that day, Bérangère and I. Both due in June. That wonderful day at the château of women, having a lunch together we both knew what we were expecting. We were both expecting boys.

As I am writing this, they are both born, there will be no more lunches without them. I hope they will be friends, Lucian and Till. We’ll have many more feasts together and maybe even weddings. Who knows?

Because Bérangère and Basile only have sons it seems that the line of women is destined to be broken one day. Larrivaux will be run by a man. In a way it seems oddly modern, breaking traditions by finally giving a man a chance. Bérangère told me she hopes that her sons will have the good fortune when they take over the château to at least have strong wifes to guide them. I suppose some things are just too important to be left entirely to men. Maybe one of them will even be my daughter.


A few days later, Lucian, I was bumping about in your father’s Land Rover on my way to the clinic. Hair and dust orbiting around me, every whack feeling strong enough to push you out. And then you came.

Lucian, this is where your story begins…






从我的祖母奶酪油条/ Beignets

1/4 liter/ 1 cup of water
为40g / 3汤匙黄油
150 g/ 1 & ¼ cup flour
为100g / 1杯磨碎的奶酪(艾蒙达县或类型)
Vegetable oil, for frying

Separate the eggs. Whisk the egg whites till stiff peaks and set aside.
Bring the water to a boil, add the butter and salt and stir until melted.
Add the egg yolks one by one, stirring continuously, then fold in the egg whites, followed by the grated cheese.

Heat the oil in a deep fryer to 170°C/ 330°F.

Beignets AU清爽去马盛大仅仅是

40 gr de beurre
1 pincée de sel
4 oeufs

Ajouter LA farine。
Ajouter un à un les jaunes d’oeufs puis les blancs battus en neige, puis le fromage râpé.

Chauffer L'HUILE D'UNE friteuse 170℃的
马戏团A L'助手德2 PETITEScuillèresDES塔斯德·佩特à贝奈特饼和les plonger丹斯拉friteusejusqu'àL'获得方法D'UNE美女着色DOREE。

Ces beignets au fromage ont vraiment bercé mon enfance à LARRIVAUX, nous en avions tous les week ends!!!



碎牛肉在1.2kg / 2&¾磅
1 small can of tomato paste (concentrate)/ 140 g/ 5 ounces
1 egg
60 ml/¼ cup extra-virgin olive oil
芙蓉DE SEL和现磨黑胡椒

将烤箱预热至210℃/ 410°F。

In a food processor, combine the minced veal, tomato paste, bread, salt, pepper and olive oil and mix everything together.


Tip: You can serve this veal meatloaf with a tomato sauce or freshly diced tomatoes and olive oil. It’s a family favourite for picnics.

疼痛德veau AU贵

1,2-公斤DE veau HACHE
3 tranches de pain de mie
1小酒馆de集中于一点de tomate de身材平均值/140 g
SEL / poivre
1 oeuf entier

Mélanger等搅拌机乐veau HACHE,乐德,潜心TOMATE,乐庞多米,SEL poivre等HUILE D'橄榄。
Ajouter乐花束德贵和l'OEUF entier。

丹斯未开发平台蛋糕mettre LA制备,PUIS放任cuire ENVIRON 40分钟210℃。

Laisser refroidir.
On peut le servir avec un coulis de tomates ou un concassé de tomates fraiches et huile d’olive.

QUEL博纳尔德partager CE疼痛去veau AU贵的LOR去赌气号,niques!


Pancake cake

1/2升/ 2杯牛奶
125 g/ 2/3 cup sugar
8 tablespoons unsalted butter
4 tablespoons of plain flour

In another bowl, whisk the egg whites until stiff. Fold in to the batter – make sure to leave the egg white ‘lumps’ in the batter (they will make the pancakes extra fluffy).

加热煎锅(不粘煎饼锅)和我lt ½ teaspoon butter. Pour enough batter to cover the pan and cook on a medium heat on one side only. Transfer to a serving plate. Sprinkle each pancake with a dash of vanilla sugar and a dash of confectionner’s sugar. Repeat this step and continue to stack them one on top of each other. For the last pancake, place it brown side on top.

Gâteau de crêpes

125 g beurre doux
4 cuillère à soupe de farine
Du sucre en poudre

Mélanger la farine et les jaunes d’oeuf
自由放任tiédir乐牛乳和l'incorporer AU混杂farine OEUF。
Battre les blancs en neige et les incorporer grossièrement à la pâte.
伊尔DOIT RESTER DES grumeaux德白朗连接NEIGE丹斯LA佩特。
Enduire la poêle à crêpe d’un mélange beurre/huile et commencer à faire les crêpes en les faisant cuire que d’un seul coté.
Superposer chaque crêpes les unes sur les autres en les saupoudrant entre chacune de mélange sucre vanillé/sucre en poudre.
Retourner la dernière crêpe coté cuit vers le gâteau.