Two sundays without you (part II)



June 5

我选择了我朋友的整洁,但我丈夫的菲亚特虽然很小”很难进入”,“hard to get out of"Land Rover that has no music,没有空调,总是充满狗,vegetables and numerous kids.On sunny days like this one it's a fantasy world of dog hair and dust flying through the air,perfectly backlit and almost pretty.几乎。我们舒适地跟踪着路虎,承诺这将是一个美丽的星期天,在一周的不那么壮观之后,rainy days.Hudson and Mia had opted to stay at home but the rest of us were in for a long-awaited treat.We were headed for the"Château of Women"这是一家由同一家庭的妇女经营了500多年的美酒庄园,美不胜收。This deserves and explanation.





1581年,一个有着远大梦想和更大赌博欲望的人在M_Doc制定了一个宏伟的茶馆计划。一切都开始得很好,the outhouses and servants quarters were fit for kings,花园,大门。Then the money ran out and the cherry on top,茶馆本身从未建成。So the women in the family,like women do,found the best solution,modified the servants quarters into a most beautiful château and have been running the property ever since,one woman succeeding another.我想他们决定在最初的惨败之后,no gamblers (read men) should interfere with château business.





那么为什么我们要去那里寻找一个美丽的星期天早晨的盛宴呢?That also deserves an explanation.Some years ago we were invited for lunch at châteauLafon-Rochet,a grand cru in the St-Estèphe appellation.It's the"yellow château"we had been seeing for years as we drove by on our way to Pauillac and it turned out that the young manager,Basile Tesseron,其家族拥有茶馆,并与另一位年轻的房地产经理结婚,Bérangère,谁的家庭拥有château Larrivaux,““女人的眼泪”.在第一次访问时,拉丰·罗切特的辉煌足以满足我们的胃口,但在随后的一次访问中,巴兹尔带我们去了他妻子的财产,only a 5 minutes drive away.不像拉丰·罗切特,which is proudly perched on one of the hills of St-Estèphe,plain for all who drive by to see (if only for the yellow color),,château Larrivaux是一块隐藏的宝石,a bend in the road,a dreamy place hidden from plain sight,由一片小森林保护着。当巴兹尔第一次带我们去那里的时候,我们可以看到他脸上的兴奋,it feel to him to show us the property,Bérangère was hard at work in the winery.





“I fell in love with my wife twice"he said.“第一次是我遇见她,第二次是她带我来这里。”.“我童年的大部分时间都是在几英里以外的地方度过的,但直到我爱上它的主人,我才知道这个神奇的地方。”.

他两次坠入爱河,我想我也坠入爱河了,至少一次。这类地方的电影制片人只梦想或,更有可能,have to dream up and produce for their movies so the rest of us can simply dream.We always hope that these magical places exist for real,that they're not only in the movies – and when we find them…

我和B_rang_re一直在她茶馆和家人一起做饭。但时机从未站在我们这边。We have a big family.他们有三个男孩,very auspicious considering they have one boy roughly the same age as each of our three youngest daughters.全都是简·奥斯汀。And recently we've both been pregnant.

但我们决定试试,在我们忙于照顾孩子之前,to have a wonderful feast of two families coming together on a Sunday in their beloved Médoc.

And we all do love Médoc.Basile and Bérangère,me and Oddur,我们都相信这个地区,its beauty,它的特殊性。We all want to do some威廉希尔高尔夫球thing exciting here,whether it is to make fabulous wine,写食谱,or do just about any威廉希尔高尔夫球thing to help people discover this place.But first: Lunch!!

The menu was up to Bérangère and the other women of Larrivaux,her mother Sabine and her mother's sister Armelle.I did make one request though.我们需要包括罗勒祖母的煎饼蛋糕食谱。Yes you read right –G_teau de cr_pes公司.We'd had it recently at a dinner at Lafon-Rochet in May and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since.It's the most simple,你能想象的最不寻常的甜点。





有很多小道消息,pâtés,番茄沙拉,more tomato salads but it all got serious when Bérangère's mother brought out the family's cheese贝格斯(煎饼)They were delicious.Next was the"小牛肉面包in other words meatloaf,with two types of tomato sauce – very Italian,but somehow also very Médocain.We started with a lovely Champagne form a very small producer (so many good ones these days),不加糖,no sugar needed.Then we moved on to the wine.Larrivaux。这对M_Doc来说是非常特别和不寻常的,more Merlot than Cabernet Sauvignon which usually only happens on the right bank (St-Emilion,Pomerol).Château Larrivaux has a unique clay soil,more suited for growing Merlot and may be the only place in Médoc where that's the case.这是一种美味的葡萄酒,我会喝上好几年,心中会有美好的回忆。

So another perfect Sunday with equally perfect mishaps,在这干燥的一天,露易丝走进一个湿洞(庄园里唯一的一个),让她的芭蕾舞演员适合养猪。胡杜尔typically,forgot to charge his battery so he sent Thorir and Allegra to get a fresh one.They,同样典型的是,couldn't find their way back so we would have had to wait for them until lunch got cold if,most typically of all,午饭没有那么晚,他们准时到达。





As I mentioned earlier we were both pregnant that day,Bérangère and I.Both due in June.That wonderful day at the château of women,having a lunch together we both knew what we were expecting.We were both expecting boys.

As I am writing this,they are both born,there will be no more lunches without them.I hope they will be friends,Lucian and Till.我们会有更多的宴会,甚至婚礼。谁知道呢??

Because Bérangère and Basile only have sons it seems that the line of women is destined to be broken one day.拉里沃将由一个人来管理。In a way it seems oddly modern,breaking traditions by finally giving a man a chance.B_rang_re告诉我,她希望她的儿子们在接管茶馆时能有好运,至少有坚强的妻子来引导他们。I suppose some 威廉希尔高尔夫球things are just too important to be left entirely to men.Maybe one of them will even be my daughter.

Time will tell.

A few days later,Lucian,I was bumping about in your father's Land Rover on my way to the clinic.Hair and dust orbiting around me,every whack feeling strong enough to push you out.And then you came.

Lucian,this is where your story begins…






Cheese fritters/ Beignets from my grandmother

1/4 liter/ 1 cup of water
40 g/ 3 tablespoons butter
1 pinch of salt
150 g/1&¼杯面粉
100 g/ 1 cup grated cheese (Emmental county or type)
4 eggs,分离的
植物油,for frying

把鸡蛋分开。Whisk the egg whites till stiff peaks and set aside.
Bring the water to a boil,加入黄油和盐搅拌至融化。
Add the flour in one go and stir.
Add the egg yolks one by one,stirring continuously,then fold in the egg whites,followed by the grated cheese.

用2茶匙,shape little balls (about the size of a walnut) and fry them until golden brown.Season with salt and pepper and serve immediately.

Beignets au fromage de ma grand-mère

德升d 'eau 1/4
40 gr de beurre
1 pincée de sel
150 gr de farine
100 gr de Fromage Rap_(Comt_ou Emmental型)
4 oeufs

Ajouter un à un les jaunes d'oeufs puis les blancs battus en neige,Puis le Fromage R_P_。

司机L'huile d'une friteuse_170°C
Faire à l'aide de 2 petites cuillères des tas de pâte à beignet et les plonger dans la friteuse jusqu'à l'obtention d'une belle coloration dorée.

Ces beignets au fromage ont vraiment bercé mon enfance à LARRIVAUX,本周结束了!!!!


Veal and basil meatloaf

1.2 kg/ 2 & ¾ pound of minced veal
1 small can of tomato paste (concentrate)/ 140 g/ 5 ounces
1 bunch of fresh basil
Fleur de sel and freshly ground black pepper

Preheat the oven to 210°C/ 410°F.

In a food processor,combine the minced veal,tomato paste,bread,盐,胡椒和橄榄油混合在一起。威廉希尔高尔夫球
加上罗勒和鸡蛋,pulse a few more times.

Spoon the mixture into a rectangular cake pan and transfer to the preheated oven.Cook for about 40 minutes.Set aside to cool and unmold into a serving plate.

Tip: You can serve this veal meatloaf with a tomato sauce or freshly diced tomatoes and olive oil.It's a family favourite for picnics.


1,2 kg de veau haché
1 boite de concentré de tomate de taille moyenne/ 140 g
1 oeuf entier

M_langer et mixer le veau hach_,le concentré de tomate,le pain de mie,sel poivre et huile d'olive.
Ajouter le bouquet de basilic et l'oeuf entier.

Dans un plat à cake mettre la préparation,Puis Faire Cuire环境40分钟210°C。

Laisser refroidir.



Pancake cake

125 g/ 2/3 cup sugar
6 eggs,分离的
4 tablespoons of plain flour
1 sachet (7 g/ approx 1 teaspoon) of vanilla sugar

In a large bowl,把面粉和蛋黄混合在一起,直到你得到光滑的糊状物。
Heat the milk in a saucepan and add the butter.Stir until melted.Set aside and leave to cool.
Pour the milk mixture into the egg and flour paste.Whisk until smooth.
In another bowl,whisk the egg whites until stiff.折叠到面糊中-确保将蛋清“块”留在面糊中(它们会使薄煎饼更加蓬松)。

Heat the frying pan (non-stick pancake pan) and melt ½ teaspoon butter.倒入足够的面糊,盖上锅盖,在一边用中火烹饪。转移到一个盘子里。Sprinkle each pancake with a dash of vanilla sugar and a dash of confectionner's sugar.Repeat this step and continue to stack them one on top of each other.For the last pancake,把它放在上面棕色的一边。

G_teau de cr_pes公司

1/2 litre de lait
125 gr de sucre
6 oeufs
1 sachet de sucre vanillé
Du sucre en poudre

Mélanger la farine et les jaunes d'oeuf
Faire fondre le beurre dans le lait.
Laisser tiédir le lait et l'incorporer au mélange farine oeuf.
Il doit rester des grumeaux de blancs en neige dans la pâte.
超级咖啡是一道美味佳肴,是一道美味佳肴,它的主菜是M_lange sucre vanill_/sucre en poudre。
Retourner la dernière crêpe coté cuit vers le gâteau.