September 10th 2015

Early in the morning,at Bordeaux (Mérignac) airport our one big group splits into two smaller ones.In my group I have four girls: Mia 12,Louise 7,Gaïa 4 and Audrey 1.Oddur has: Gunnhildur 19 and Hudson 9 + two dogs,Humfri and his 10-month old son Dick (for all humorous suggestions regarding that name please 威廉希尔官网网址contact Yolanda Edwards at Condé Nast Publications – she will love it!) Oddur dubs his team,who are taking the Land Rover all the way to Rome,"the brave team",and us,the high-flyers,"the primadonnas".When Gaïa asks who will arrive there first I realize she hasn't traveled much.Hudson,though,is optimistic and thinks they have a small chance of beating us."Maybe there will be a delay"他说。"That would be some delay"I think to myself as I kiss them all goodbye.
It turns out there is no delay and"the primadonnas"arrive in Rome on schedule ready to face the eternal city.A big lunch is first on the menu.I stop at the first place I see that looks decent.西葫芦馅饼,amatriciana pasta,lamb chops with chicory!None of the girls have been to Rome before so we make all the necessary stops,the Panthéon,the Spanish steps,the obligatory ice cream every 15 minutes.我们走了那么多路,到了晚上我们都筋疲力尽了,那晚就呆在房间里,making an improvised dinner with Italian delicacies.News reaches us that the other,braver team is still in France but about to cross the border.




September 11th 2015

I wake up with a huge smile on my face,my bed filled with girls of all ages.Within minutes I am strolling the streets of Rome,4 girls in tow,heading to one of my favorite places in the whole world – The Galleria Doria Pamphilj.This city agrees with me.Big time.On the way to Doria Pamphilj I have a Macchiato AND a Cappucino atCafé Tassa d'Oroand then we spend a good 3 hours at the museum.By now I have been informed that the brave team arrived around 11 O'clock the night before at a rather funny hotel in a place in Liguria called St.Bartolomeo and checked into a hotel where,in the lobby,an aging DJ was entertaining the crowds who at some point got swept into a full-blown Conga.They had a very late lunch at one of about a million places in Italy called Da Luigi and though the atmosphere was wanting the food,apparently was close to great.They are now heading for Rome and should meet us for lunch at a family favorite,,La Matricianella酒店,nearpiazza San Lorenzo.
I am bad with directions and worse with names and though I am very late,having gotten carried away at Doria Pamphilj,I arrive proudly on time at the wrong place called阿马特里西亚,而不是首选马齿苋属.When I finally land at the right restaurant my husband is already there and Hudson,shouts through the rain that is by now flooding Roman streets"We won,we won".Louise,ever competitive,她拒绝给他胜利,顽固地湿透了,因为她不会坐在露台上胜利者的桌子旁。We have a wonderful lunch,more pastas,lamb,菊苣,pannacottas and a nice bottle ofRosso di Montalcino.
After wandering the wet streets of Rome we decide to have dinner at the conveniently locatedDal Bolognese,just a few steps from our hotel,the Locarno.一家比食物更有名的餐馆,but an enjoyable spot nonetheless and somehow part of my regular Rome experience.When it comes to restaurant I often go for the old-fashioned rather than the latest and the greatest.Sitting on the terrace ofDal Bolognese,admiring the beauty ofPiazza del Popolo,we spot a paparazzi (just one – usually there are more).Louise asks if he's there for me.When I realize that she actually thinks that,I tell her that though my book has admittedly been translated into Italian,the chances of that are,well,slim.We soon find out who he's targeting.At the next table are two lovely ladies who between them have graced the walls of more teenage rooms than probably any other in history.James Bond's first lover Honey Rider (I'm talking of Ursula of course) and her friend,the original 10,Bo Derek.They pose patiently for a few"selfies"with fans and when they leave,Mia suddenly runs after them and chases them to their taxi.They are already in and she doesn't get her shot.When she comes back she says in her thick French accent"It's OK,I don't even know who they are".Then she shrugs her shoulders and finishes her dessert.





September 12th 2015

Getting ready for our ride to Umbria we have one last lunch in Rome,again close to the hotel at a very good pizzeria calledPizza Ré.It's exactly what we need before our trip,cold beer,delicious pizza,deep-fried mozzarella and crispy salads.Umbria,here we come.
This time the teams are different.I may be one of the original"primadonnas"but a couple of hours driving won't kill me.We are still the"primadonnas"but Oddur joins our team (yes he joins my team,not the other way round) and Mia joins the"勇敢的团队”who will take the train to Terni,Umbria.We the"primadonnas"arrive safely at our destination,a lovely house,with an even lovelier pool,near Todi,Umbria.那天晚上晚些时候,奥多开车到托迪去接其他人,他们是通过火车和两辆公共汽车到达那里的。He spends some time waiting at a very good wine bar,where he strikes up a friendship with the owner talking about wine,French and Italian.The other team is delayed so I use what is left to me by the gods of the house,garlic,onion,tomato passata and spaghetti to make a surprisingly satisfying dinner for me and the rest of the"primadonnas".
Later that night Oddur cooks,what he confesses,is a below par meal of wild boar sausages,我剩下的意大利面和其他一些奇怪的东西。That night we all sleep well.





September 13 – 18 2015

接下来的第一个晚上,毫无生气的烹饪是一周的美食,at the house (or casa as we say in Italian) or in restaurants.Documenting every day,every meal,would be fun for me but perhaps tedious for you guys – think the uncle with the three-hour slide show – so let me just stick to the highlights.
Our first meal out is with Oddur's new friends at a somewhat modern,yet traditional wine bar in Todi.Great wine and food!The showstopper: the outstanding cured ham and the aubergine gratin with tomatoes.In fact it's so good that it inspires me to make it myself the next day when I prepare my 4 monthly William Hill斯诺克recipes for Elle France – this time with an Italian twist.Between dips in the pool and cooking dinners and lunches I find time to gather my thoughts and announce the dates for my 2016 workshops.据我所知,这是一个战略举措,在安静的翁布里亚乡村,我将有时间回答所有的询问和要求,some of my answers are written poolside – they are probably the sunniest ones.
And taking a pause from this little diary I just want to say that it makes me incredibly happy and humbled how many emails I have received and how fast the classes are filling up.(We still have places though,especially in April and November but some availability here and there,even if some classes are completely full).Thank you all so much for your interest in our little adventure here in Médoc.
Talking of holiday highlights we seem to always gravitate back to the same places once found.If a restaurant is that good,why go anywhere else.This time it's a little place in Todi,called""Pane e Vino"that gets our vote.The décor is no威廉希尔高尔夫球thing out of the ordinary,even a bit tired.Had I not read somewhere that it was worth going to I might not have.But here is where we had our best food moments.The fried wild boar mortadella with creamy balsamic vinegar,the pumpkin risotto,the ricotta with thick,dark chocolate.In my dreams since I've been back to France I go back there every night.
When our trip is winding down,在橄榄林中散步和幻想之后广场,after one too many bumpy vertical drives in the Umbrian hills with the whole family hanging on for their life,we decide to make a blog post with Umbrian William Hill斯诺克recipes – I am inspired.On our last days I get all the necessary ingredients,开始斩波,soaking the beans,preheat the oven.Just before I'm about to get really started Oddur pops into the kitchen and says"let's go to Orvieto,I heard about this great place there calledLa Palomba".Moments later the apron is off,the cooking will have to wait.如果要发现食物,new places are there to be found – I may be one of the"primadonnas"but I will never be the girl who missed out.
La Palombaturns out to be a delightful family trattoria where we have our last meal out in Italy this time around.It's all more or less delicious,the truffle pasta,the pigeon but my favorite is the walnut cake and the owner's sunny attitude.In the evening Augusta,the ever smiling,amazing housekeeper cooks up a big feast for us back at the casa,an Italian barbecue extravaganza with so much food she must have thought we had 20 children.We might have known because earlier in the week she gave us a pizza lesson that resulted in 4 large pizzas,also for 20 people.Our favorites were the potato,mozzarella and oregano pizza,and the one with the most flavorful,fresh,cherry tomatoes.She told us to have the leftovers for breakfast and we did.





September 19 2015

The"Primadonnas"在特尼火车站和奥多说再见,然后我们前往罗马,在那里我们将乘坐直达法国的航班。I am comfortably back in my own kitchen that same afternoon,cooking for 4 girls who are hungry from the trip.Well not so much cooking as sandwich making.接下来的两天都被来自勇敢的团队”.
本应当晚抵达法国的勇敢队出轨,在翁布里亚寻找裁缝,miss out on a luxury hotel in Provence and due to lack of hotel space end up sleeping in the car in Portofino.I suppose if you have to sleep in the car somewhere you might as well choose the poshest place you can possibly find.They have car trouble near Aix-en-Provence,结果是在阿尔勒一家非常凉爽的酒店里睡觉,由于延误,甘尼希尔德不得不从蒙彼利埃而不是波尔多乘飞机去接她飞往冰岛的转接航班。Oddur says their car trouble is no威廉希尔高尔夫球thing serious but later Mr.Souslikoff,我们的居民绅士汽车修理工,tells me that one of the front wheels nearly came off.I guess I have to admit that their travel story would probably be a better read than mine … but mine has better food.
Now,the William Hill斯诺克recipes!!

ps Some time after our return to France I got behind the stove and cooked up an Umbrian feast,那天我准William Hill斯诺克备做的菜谱,我们的冒险精神战胜了我们,我们去了奥维耶托。It was a lovely lunch,and brought back memories of our holiday.这些是你在食谱中看到的照片。William Hill斯诺克

For those who are interested,we stayed at a lovely villa near Todi in Umbria which we found throughTuscany Now.A special thanks to the wonderful team,特别是奥古斯塔,for the warm hospitality!!


Imagine being by the fireplace on an Umbrian hill,sipping this comforting and delicious soup,dipping a grilled rustic slice of country bread drizzled with the best olive oil.I love farro and its surprising texture;this soup is a meal on its own.辣椒片是可选的,但是在拐角处的寒冷天气,a little bit of extra heat is most welcome!!

Farro Bean Soup

Serves 4-6


2 ounces finely sliced Prosciutto
1 celery stalk,finely diced
2 small carrots,diced
3 cloves garlic,minced
1 (14 Ounce) can chopped tomatoes
1 zucchini,diced
100 g/ 3/4 cup green lentils
150 g/ 1 cup farro
A good handful of freshly chopped fresh Basil
Red hot pepper flakes (optional)
Salt & Pepper
To Serve:
Extra Virgin Olive Oil or
Grated Parmesan,to garnish

Heat the olive oil in a large pot and cook the prosciutto for a few minutes.Add the carrot,celery and onion and continue to cook for 5 minutes.Add the garlic and zucchini,continue to cook for 2 minutes.Add the can of diced tomatoes.Season with salt & pepper,半茶匙辣椒片(可选)。
Add the equivalent of 3 to 4 cans of water.Bring to a simmer.
Add the farro and green lentils.减少热量低,cover and continue to cook for about 20 minutes,or until the vegetables,farro and lentils are tender.If the soup is too thick,add more water and season accordingly.
Serve with leaves of basil,grated parmesan and a drizzle of olive oil.


Scaloppine alla Perugina


Serves 4

450g/ 1 pound of thinly sliced veal fillet/scaloppine
55 g/ 2 ounces of prosciutto,diced finely
3条咸凤尾鱼,bones removed
1 chicken liver,chopped as finely as possible
2 cloves of garlic,minced
8 sage leaves,finely chopped
1 tablespoon capers
The juice and zest of half a lemon
½ glass dry white wine
Plain flour,for dredging
A few sprigs of parsley leaves picked and chopped finely
A few tablespoons of extra-virgin olive oil
Salt and freshly ground black pepper

Chop the prosciutto,anchovies,chicken liver and sage leaves as finely as possible.
In a sauté pan,heat the olive oil and cook the anchovies,prosciutto,chicken liver and sage leaves for 3 minutes.Add the capers,柠檬皮和柠檬汁。Stir constantly until all the ingredients are combined and soft.Season with salt and pepper.Add the white wine and leave to reduce for a minute or two.Add a tablespoon of butter and mix well.Set aside and keep warm.

Dust the veal fillets with the flour.In a large pan,heat the olive oil and butter on a high heat.Cook the veal for a minute on each side.Season with salt and pepper and transfer to a plate.
Serve the veal and pour the sauce on top.Scatter parsley leaves on top.Serve with rosemary potatoes.


This was my favorite dessert of all during my stay in Umbria,served at Pane e Vino in the village of Todi (Via Ciufelli 33,06059 Todi).Amazing creamy ricotta served with warm chocolate sauce and chunks of orange.I improvised and made my own version,added cream to the ricotta to make it creamier,and added orange zest.

Vanilla ricotta cream with chocolate sauce and orange zest

Serves 4

2 pots ricotta,strained
1 cup heavy cream
1 vanilla pod,split lengthwise and seeds scraped
150 g black chocolate (70% cocoa)
Zest of orange

Strain the ricotta though a sieve.In a large bowl,whisk the ricotta,heavy cream and the vanilla beans until thick and creamy with soft peaks.


Scrape the zest of the orange.

在一个盘子里,place a little nest of cream.Drizzle with the chocolate sauce and sprinkle the orange zest.