Mothers & Daughters



这是我丈夫的年度博客,enjoy!Mimi x

我的祖父是个严厉的人,他在德国获得了经济学博士学位,把我的德国祖母拖回冰岛,开始了一个家庭。Later he served as Iceland's ambassador to the Soviet Union and finally retired back in Reykjavík where he presided over a very formal household.他每天都穿着西装,享受着我祖母准备的三道菜的午餐。晚上,他把西服夹克换成了开襟羊毛衫,但仍留着领带,在办公室里吃了一顿更轻松的晚餐。assortments of breads and condiments,usually washed down with a cocktail.He was always served first,when he spoke others listened.As a child I had lunch with my grandparents three times a week and before I could sit down to face my grandfather,my grandmother made me wash my face and hands and combed my hair.当我和朋友在一起的时候,她也这样对待他们。One of them had golden,wavy hair,他是我祖母的最爱。现在他秃顶了。这就是生活。In the evenings,当他们在家吃晚饭的时候office"我奶奶喜欢说话。她真的很喜欢说话。但当我祖父受够了,他只是说,他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”洛蒂米恩,够了.她不介意,by all accounts they had a very good marriage,based not on equality but mutual respect for each other and each other's domains.My grandfather never questioned my grandmothers running of the house,the first time he entered the kitchen was when my grandmother was in hospital.That's the same day he found out washing dirty plates works better with hot water than cold.He was an economist not a physicist.




这就是我父亲在法学院长大的世界,after finding a girl to marry he too took his seat at the head of the table.我的母亲,having finished university herself had other ideas.我父亲保住了座位,但特权不见了。作为一个现代人,他接受了这一点,如果有点不情愿的话。圣诞节时,他会坐下来,打开一瓶红酒(可能是帕普庄园——奇怪的是,在我年轻的时候,在冰岛我听到过的唯一一瓶红酒),只会被叫回厨房,帮我倒番茄酱。He usually returned slightly pissed off,但他理解。The days of his father were gone.My parents both worked hard and often my father came home with a hopeful look on his face and inquired what was for dinner.他说:“这是一个很好的选择。”什么威廉希尔高尔夫球都没有有时是答案,如果我妈妈在工作时吃了一顿丰盛的午餐。我会是坐在她后面的自以为是的孩子,scoffing down sausages and Heinz spaghetti with tomato sauce she had prepared just for me.

那时我明白了,现在我更明白了父亲对改变生活方式的失望。他的童年没有为他做好准备,没有人教过他如何成为未来家庭的领袖。威廉希尔高尔夫球我想他应付得差不多。或多或少。至于我,我从来没有借口把女人当作平等的人来对待,我也没有,威廉希尔高尔夫球至少不是在任何有意义的方式。尽管我可能是个混蛋,但这是我正确理解的地方。I thank my parents for that,both of them.




在我二十多岁的时候,我有过我人生中的戏剧经历。Two plays by Anton Chekhov,一个接一个在一个双重功能的盛会。我独自一人去,不记得为什么。The room was small and the stage split the audience in two,stretched across the room.演员整晚都坐在舞台上,穿着白色亚麻布,喝茶抱怨,I loved it.这是在雷克雅未克城剧院,不迷人的modern (not anymore) building connected to a shopping mall.其间,我在购物中心的硬石咖啡馆独自吃了一顿饭。感觉都不对,我想穿白色亚麻布,complaining,不要喝巧克力奶昔加汉堡。我一直喜欢宴会,always loved restaurants.那是一个让我明白我有多爱这张桌子的夜晚。




我祖父统治着桌子。My mother's quest for independence and equal rights made us take a break from it,简要地。也许这是必要的。Now we are back at the table but this time there is no boss.
每天晚上我们全家聚在一起吃大餐。食物总是很棒的,the atmosphere often.It's where we talk to our children,提前计划好日子。Where I try,not always successfully to teach them some manners (Gaia,when you learn to read and see this I want you to know that I am talking about you!).

我妻子是个了不起的厨师。That's why she cooks and I clean.但这是去年的话题。
去年,咪咪让我为博客做饭。今年我提出了。我想她可以用一只手。我们没有计划,可能是意大利菜,因为这是我一直做的。I chose two dishes that I love,one from my favorite restaurant in Iceland,一个是去年我和米米和奥黛丽一起去诊所的时候,我正在给他们家喂东西。I don't bake.我喜欢说我喜欢美味的东西,但也缺乏天赋。威廉希尔高尔夫球我自己会用奶酪,一些加了甜葡萄酒的白葡萄酒。但我妻子带着粉碎(她那样说)核桃蛋糕,aimed straight at my heart.

我以前从事广告工作。I know how to stage 威廉希尔高尔夫球things.我受够了。Casting a girl for a cornflakes ad,找到她丈夫,getting them kids.Shooting them having a"瞬间when everybody just wants to get paid and go home.
I love to improvise,working without a script.The food is on the table,“铸造is there,没有报酬,行为恶劣。Some威廉希尔高尔夫球thing will always catch my attention,洋葱a puppy,明亮的房间This time my lens turned towards my wife and girls,他们太可爱了,especially when they were ignoring my commands.I think the images speak for themselves.






我在冰岛最喜欢的餐馆叫La Primavera。在意大利和纽约以外,我吃过最好的意大利菜。I went there a lot.很多。The owner/chef,Leifur Kolbeinsson在雷克雅未克音乐厅(Reykjav_k Concert Hall)开了一家新餐馆,在那里他仍能烹制美味佳肴。These balls are from the La Primavera cookbook that I used to own.I hadn't made them in a while and called Leifur this week to brush up on the recipe.他说你好!(我做这些菜的时候,米米坚持要我多吃菠菜,否则他们也会准备好了.她是对的,用这种方法做的很好吃。)

(for 8 balls)

750 g/ 1 & 2/3 pounds frozen spinach (about 1 pack)
1 tablespoon milk
8 teaspoons gorgonzola cheese
Parmesan cheese,磨磨蹭蹭

For the butter sage sauce
80 g unsalted butter

把菠菜蒸软,沥干。Squeeze out the excess water (very important otherwise the balls will be watery),切得越细越好。Place 2 small slices of stale bread in the food processor and pulse until you get fine breadcrumbs.In a large bowl (or you can mix every威廉希尔高尔夫球thing in the food processor,just pulse lightly) combine spinach,breadcrumbs,牛奶,nutmeg,面粉,加盐和胡椒粉,搅拌均匀。推出大约8个核桃大小的球。While shaping the balls,insert a small teaspoon of gorgonzola inside and reshape.

Heat a large saucepan with salted water and bring to a boil.把菠菜球煮8分钟,沥干。


在一个大平底锅里,用中火融化黄油。When the butter starts to sizzle,wat until it turns light golden brown,然后放低热量,加入鼠尾草叶子。用盐和胡椒调味,摇动平底锅约30秒。



Last May,when Mimi was in the clinic with Audrey I felt compelled to keep up her cooking and tried my best to ease the pain of"妈咪不在那里。These quails were a hit and I've made a version of them a few times since.I love sage and I love quails and the original recipe came from my googling around the internet finding a way to cook them together.


8 quails
8 slices pancetta
240 ml/ 1 cup white wine
2 tablespoons unsalted butter

In a large dutch-iron pot,melt the butter & olive oil on a medium heat.把鹌鹑的四周变成褐色,直到变成金色。加上迷迭香枝,pour the wine and reduce to 3/4.Cover the pan,把火放低,继续煮30到40分钟,直到鹌鹑被煮熟并变软。


Gâteau aux noix/ Walnut cake

150 g/1杯核桃,chopped finely + at least 5 walnuts halves for decorating the cake (you'll need a dash of icing sugar & honey)
80 g/1/3杯不加盐黄油
130 g/ 2/3 cup sugar
40 g/1/3杯普通面粉,筛分的
30 g/1/4杯玉米淀粉(Ma_zana)
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
A pinch of fine salt

Preheat oven to 180°C/350°F

Chop walnuts finely – you can also place walnuts in a food processor and pulse until you get coarse crumbs.在一个大碗里,结合糖walnuts,and mix well.Add the butter,蜂蜜,eggs and rum.Add a pinch of salt and vanilla extract.
In another bowl,combine sifted flour,玉米淀粉和1茶匙烘焙粉。混合均匀。
将干燥的原料折叠成胡桃混合物。Line your baking mould with butter and pour the batter.Bake in the preheated oven for 40 minutes (you can test-knife and check – if it comes out clean it's ready).Sprinkle a dash of icing/confectioner's sugar in a frying pan and sauté the walnuts on a medium to low heat for a few seconds until slightly golden.Spread with a little honey and place on cake (see photos).
Serve with whipped cream (optional).