Last Friday at lunchtime I was seated at a little bistro in Bordeaux.We had reserved a table for three but so far it was only me and Gaïa (that is if you're not counting Humfri our smooth fox terrier).半小时后情况没有改变,the waiters and some of the other diners were starting to cast sympathetic glances towards my table,鼓励的微笑。I knew I was in trouble when the owner came over and offered me a glass of champagne – that's how long we had been waiting.我怀着沉重的心情礼貌地拒绝了"香槟双门轿车",and pointed to my bump (I'm gently easing into my sixth month now) – what does a woman waiting in a restaurant on Valentine's day need if not a glass of champagne.Ga_a对她的面包和手榴弹水组合非常满意,Humfri had the treat of his life – the owner prepared him a few snacks.My husband,像往常一样,was not answering his phone – this was not how you do Valentine's day.然后他当然来了,带着最可爱的粉红玫瑰,整个房间都赞许地点头。隔壁桌上的老先生甚至鼓掌,当他拿出一瓶香水时,有一个完整的合唱团打得好monsieur"and bravos.He was forgiven – just about.




在餐馆里闲坐近一个小时是有好处的。You get a real feeling of the room,how the waiters operate,how attentive they are,what the other clients are like.Le Petit Commerceis a Bordeaux institution,a good time place with an air of""joie de vivre"".我的眼睛被一张非常有趣的靠近窗户的桌子吸引住了,五个男人和一个女人的奇怪组合。孩子,他们玩得开心吗?外面有点危险,a nice bottle of wine inside,那张桌子一直在笑。They were on very friendly terms with the""patron",给我香槟的那个人。写这些帖子我发现自己经常说我最喜欢的一件事关于法威廉希尔高尔夫球国”.I guess I must say it often because there is a lot to love.Well,我最喜欢的一件事就是在餐馆里吃长时间的威廉希尔高尔夫球午餐,particularly on Fridays,当人们把最严肃的事情抛在脑后,周末就要来临了。What better than to meet friends for lunch over a bottle of wine and nice food,share stories and laughter and then put in a"light"回家之前先在办公室换班。结果是一顿难忘的午餐,the owner,一个真正的人物和每个餐馆需要的那种人,refused to be photographed unless we put on the restaurant uniform – blue working jackets,and then we posed with him behind the bar (unfortunately these pictures were not in focus at all).We did,然而,get to keep the jackets – they'll be very chic on the 1st of May.最后,当员工们开始在餐厅的一个角落里自己用餐时,只有我们和五个男人+女人留在了餐厅。他们喝了最后一杯,然后走了一个又一个的——这样一个有趣的团体。We didn't find out much about them,one of them looks like Bill Murray,another one is a psychiatrist (he arrived on bicycle) – one can only hope he had no serious consulting to do after a lunch like that.Fabien Touraille,the charming owner,给了我们一瓶家里的白葡萄酒,很快我们发现自己在车里,希望能打点时间,因为我们有一群孩子在学校等着。




这是一顿很棒的午餐,有趣的是我们几乎没有吃过。In fact had it not been for another much worse one,we probably wouldn't.三天前我们在波尔多,this time with all the kids,处理行政事务。It was raining but we had high hopes for a place we had never tried.It wasn't very satisfying (so I won't name any names) and it never stopped raining,not even for 10 minutes.After lunch I left Oddur with the kids and told them I would be back in an hour.I was wrong – I was back in three,French bureaucracy at its best.I accidentally took Oddur's wallet so he,three children and a couple of dogs were left walking the street of Bordeaux in the rain.He tried to be inventive,they spent an hour at Mollat,a large and lovely bookstore,they found a playground that was partially covered.Mostly they just walked.I am told little Gaïa was a trooper,never complained once until the very end when she said"我想要maman"(she speaks a strange mix of French and English).That's when Oddur could resist no longer and took them all to a toystore.托斯托尔alas,does not accept dogs so he was forced to wait outside with Humfri and Jeanie,当孩子们在商店里乱跑时,透过玻璃惊恐地看着。幸运的是,我及时拿到资金,they all got a little present and even a ride on the carrousel to round off the day.在回家的路上Oddur说:“我们周五一定要回去吃顿正餐。”.If at first you fail,then try again.





So what has all this got do to with the menu I prepared on Sunday?事实上,I was inspired.I wanted fish and I wanted fun.我醒来的时候心情很好,我第一眼看到的是卧室椅子上的蓝色夹克。威廉希尔高尔夫球Then I admired my roses – I put them in a vase I found at Anne's brocante last year,非常20年代,和粉红玫瑰很相配。Selfishly I kept them all in the bedroom – they are MY roses.然后是我床头柜上的香水,it's called"Portrait of a Lady"by Frederic Malle,a blend of Turkish roses and cinnamon – I've been wanting it for a while.厨房里有一瓶酒向我打招呼,上面画着鱼。小生意是关于新鲜捕获的鱼,我想要更多。This pregnancy all I want is seafood,citrusy 威廉希尔高尔夫球things,almond milk. It's the same as when I had Hudson,our boy,so we thought we'd be having another.It isn't,it's another girI,我们兴奋到极点——你永远无法拥有足够的。We'll be doing our own version of little women.



I wanted to make a sauce with cider in it and what better to pair with a creamy apple cider sauce than a beautiful sole.A tasty touch were the little""克里维特·格里斯",that add extra flavor.我们先来点鳕鱼卵配橄榄油和柠檬的烤面包,一些加大蒜的巧克力,herbs and lemon zest.因为这些天洋蓟在市场上出现了,我不得不想办法把它们也包括进去,我做了洋蓟拉巴里古勒,a Provençal dish.Because of my almond cravings I made an almond milk flan the other day but it wasn't very popular in the house,尽管这正是我想要的,让我想起了中国甜点。所以我用一个适当的milk and cream flan with pomegranate syrup.



It all came off wonderfully and was so tasty,更重要的是,我们玩得很开心——午餐又一次持续了几个小时。A rowdy lunch at a fun restaurant,A安静的lunch at home – I am as ever in awe of the powers of good food – it's at the table where the very best 威廉希尔高尔夫球things happen.

Le Petit Commerce,22 Rue Parlement Saint-Pierre,33000波尔多电话:33/05 56 79 76 58

For the prettiest flowers in Bordeaux:Sadia Fleurs,26 Allée de Tourny,33000 Bordeaux


Couteaux (razor clams) baked with herbs and lemon zest

300 g/ 2/3 pounds razor clams,about 15 razor clams/ couteaux
2个大蒜瓣,finely sliced
1大葱,finely sliced
A tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 bay leaf
A few sprigs of thyme
Olive oil

用冷水清洗剃须刀夹。Then dip then very briefly in a bowl of very hot water so they can open,then dip them again in cold water.Remove/cut off the dark sand vein (usually filled with sand) as well as the dark tip of the ‘neck'.
把剃须刀蛤放在烤盘里,sprinkle the lemon zest,a dash of lemon juice,thyme,chopped parsley,bay leaf,大蒜和葱。Scatter the chopped hazelnuts,drizzle olive oil and season with salt and pepper.

Place in a preheated oven 240°C/ and cook for approx 8 minutes.立即食用。


Artichokes à la barigoule

8 to 10 small baby artichokes
2 small carrots,切成丁
1 white onion,切成丁
4 garlic cloves,finely sliced
80 g/ 3 ounces lardons/ bacon,chopped finely (matchstick size)
1 branch of thyme
1 small glass of white wine
30 ml/ 1/8 cup chicken or vegetable stock
1 lemon

Trim all the dark leaves from the artichokes and remove fuzzy choke.Slice the lemon in 2 and rub the trimmed artichokes to prevent them from darkening.Place the artichokes in a bowl of cold water and squeeze in 2 tablespoons of lemon juice.Dice the onion,胡萝卜,lardons,garlic and set aside.
In a deep sauté pan,heat 2 tablespoons of olive oil and sauté the artichokes (pat them dry first).Add the diced onion,胡萝卜,lardons,thyme,迷迭香和大蒜。Continue to stir for 3 minutes,then add the wine.Reduce for 2 minutes and add the stock.Season with salt and pepper.Place a piece of parchment paper on top of the artichokes,把火调低到中低,煮15-20分钟(取决于洋蓟的大小)。or until artichokes are tender.


Sole with cider cream sauce & shrimps
Serves 4

This old-fashioned Normandy-style dish is so rich in flavors,from the delicate apple cider sweetness to the deep nutty taste of the brownshrimps.我用小克里维特·格里斯(brown shrimps).A lovely way to prepare sole,served with steamedratte各种黄油土豆。You can also prepare this dish with sole fillets (or any of your favorite white fish),you can ask your fishmonger to prepare them for you  if you prefer.

4 filets of sole,剥皮的
230 g/ 8 ounces brown shrimps/ crevettes grises (uncooked if possible)
4葱finely chopped
5 tablespoons salted butter
1 bay leaf
350 ml/1 & ½ cup apple cider (brut)
Coarse sea-salt and freshly ground black pepper

Peel and slice shallots finely.加热30克盐黄油,将葱炒4分钟,直到软化。加上月桂叶,2 sprigs of parsley,salt and pepper and the cider.把水烧开,lower heat and reduce to half.用筛子过滤酱汁,回到锅里,then add cream and stir for a few seconds on a low heat.把暖气取下来放在一边。
在鞋底两边撒上面粉,然后用盐和胡椒调味。In a large sauté pan,heat the rest of the butter with a dash of olive oil.Cook sole about 3 minutes on each side,or until cooked through.把虾放在盘子里,用大火炒熟,大约2/3分钟。Place the fish on a serving plate,把虾放在上面,把苹果酒奶油酱倒在上面。Sprinkle with chopped parsley and serve immediately.Season to your taste.和蒸土豆一起食用。


Serves 4

These little flans are so light,lightly flavoured with maple syrup (I like these flans semi-sweet,as the grenadine syrup isverysweet).They are so easy to prepare,all under 5 minutes.I served these with a lovely pomegranate syrup,灵感来自我的pomegranate meringues recipe.

240 ml/ 1 cup milk
3 tablespoons maple syrup (more or less to your taste)
Juice of 2 pomegranates
4 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 tablespoon orange blossom (optional)

In a medium saucepan,用中火加热牛奶和奶油。Add the maple syrup and whisk in the agar-agar.把水烧开,lower heat and simmer for 4 minutes.Take off the heat and leave to cool for a few minutes.Pour the mixture into individual ramekins,leave to cool and refrigerate for a least 2 hours.
In a small saucepan,heat the pomegranate juice,orange blossom (optional) and sugar for 5 to 8 minutes on a medium to low heat,或者直到混合物变得有光泽和粘稠,like a syrup.Take off the heat and set aside to cool.
Unmold the flans,sprinkle a few pomegranate seeds on top and drizzle the syrup.